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Bottles, Bins & Bolts

I've had to put a bolt on our porch door. The only thing in the porch at this time of year are the recycling bins. Newspapers, cans, cardboard and plastic bottles; the plastic has to go to the local supermarket because we live in an area of Bristol where curb-side collection takes everything except plastic.

Enter the neighbour. Already, he has been putting our bin out which has been rather helpful because with fortnightly collections, I don't always - for that read rarely - remember which Friday is bin day. He hasn't ever put the recycling boxes out but that is less crucial as the recycling happens every week and they don't collect until the afternoon so I have a handle on that!

A couple of weeks ago though, I noted that the porch seemed different. Couldn't put my finger on it but realised eventually that the bottles weren't taking up as much space. I assumed that my other-half had been down to the supermarket - he does that sort of thing sometimes!

However the truth became apparent when the bins were collected on a Saturday recently. I went out of the front gate and found my regular rubbish bin FULL of plastic bottles. I wheeled the bin back inside the gate but being in a hurry, I couldn't remove the bottles from the bin until I had been to my knitting group.

On my return I found that the bin had been put back outside the gate and the binmen had been and all the bottles were now on their way to landfill.

Hence the addition of a bolt on the porch door.

Today I see that he has oiled my front gate.

Ace & Fab get new lease of life . . .

Now that so much has to be said in less than 140 characters, I can see that these otherwise stale, outdated words have a new appeal; I won't go so far as to say renewed vigour.
What's your favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday?


You've only made two friends

Thank you Live Journal for stating the bleeding obvious although define friend and possibly I haven't even reached the heady limits of all that "two" encompasses. I have six friends on Twitter. Twitter must be better than Live Journal. Then again, on FaceBook I have 1478 friends. Facebook rules.

What I write here gets posted to Twitter and Facebook where it gets read - if not  a-plenty, at least far more than it does on LJ - perhaps LJ is just not the platform it wishes itself to be? Mostly, I think it is just that it is almost impossible to work out on LJ how to be "friends" with anyone and when people do work it out, and "friend me" I find it difficult to see who they are. There is no doubt with the other sites mentioned; I get emails and a convenient list to look at.
I bought a stone hot water bottle a few years ago. I thought it would make a good door stop or something. Know what? It makes THE best hot water bottle.